Georgia Pre-K Program Enhances Student Learning With Farm Stand

  • 2020-03-04
  • Education Dive

According to specialists, preschool gardening has many developmental benefits stemming from children using locomotor, body management and object control skills during the activity.

Carrying gardening tools, watering and spreading soil develop lifelong learning skills. Fine motor skills are enhanced by grasping tools, and pincer grasping is practiced when using smaller tools. Gardening also provides sensory stimulation through soil work and water play, while stimulating senses through color and textures.

There is also evidence gardening can positively impact a student’s test scores in science achievement. At early ages, students can learn about photosynthesis and growth, and gardening books can inspire reading practice, as well.

In addition to providing local access to fresh produce, school community garden farmstands can also be used to introduce young students to concepts like choosing healthy meal options or managing money — even if that currency is just for play.