Case Study Day - October 30

Blended conference delegates are invited to join us for a conference case study day to see the city and discuss the conference themes. We will be going to two Michelin start restaurant, Alchemist; the recently opened "BaneGaarden"; Havhøst, a maritime utility garden with seaweed and mussels grown in the port of Copenhagen and finishing with a visit to Rosenborg Castle.

Tentative Schedule:

8:30AM-10:00AM - Visit behind the scenes at the two Michelin star restaurant Alchemist. It will include guided tours for four teams, each with 12 participants, in total 48 participants and a presentation by the chef, Rasmus Munk. As they say at their website, the menu includes “up to 50 impressions accompanied by a beverage pairing of your choice. During the evening you will be guided on a parallel journey through Alchemist’s unique physical spaces as well as through your own senses."

10:30AM-12:30PM - Visit at the recently opened “”, which is a destination in Copenhagen with small restaurants, food markets, bakeries, cultural programs etc. They serve a lunch which includes the best from the different restaurants at a price of DKK 225. It will give participants an image of the contemporary New Nordic kitchen, and we can have a presentation of the idea followed by individual activities.

13:00PM-14:00PM - Visit at “Havhøst” (Sea Harvest). Havhøst is a maritime utility garden with seaweed and mussels grown in the port of Copenhagen. It is used primarily for educational activities (classes in “mussel farming”, “growing, preparing and eating seaweed” etc. for primary school students).

14:30PM-16:00PM - A visit at the beautiful royal summer residence “Rosenborg Castle” from 1606-1607. Today it is a museum presenting the history of the royal Danish family, including the crown jewels.

Date: October 30, 2021

Time: Starting at 8:30AM

Location: Meeting location to be determined

Cost: USD$75

Conference Dinner: Meyers Madhus

A rich, vegetarian menu at “Meyer’s Madhus” (Meyer’s food house – a gastronomical center for cooking classes, taste development etc.)

“Meyer” is Claus Meyer, one of the founding fathers of the New Nordic Kitchen and a very influential food entrepreneur. An introduction to the ideas concerning quality of food, meals and taste, which have defined the Danish food scene during the latest 10-20 years. An introduction will be made by Claus Meyer’s chief executive manager, Peter Rønn-Petersen.

Date: October 29, 2021

Time: 19:00 (7:00 PM)

Location: Nørrebrogade 52 C, 2200 Købehavn N

Cost: USD$130 (with wine)

Cost: USD$100 (without wine)

Booking: Reservations can be made by clicking the button below. Please note, only reservations that have been paid in full will be considered confirmed and space is limited. Simply requesting a reservation will not guarantee a place at the dinner.

Online Engagement Session

We are excited to announce the online conference will be delivered on the CGScholar platform – developed by the Common Ground Media Lab, the research and technology arm of Common Ground Research Networks.

This special event will walk you through the CGScholar Event Mircosite so you have a rich online experience by learning how to comment and participate online. It will also teach delegates how to update their profile and Presenter Pages in order to add digital media: video, sound, other files.

Date/Time TBD

Online Special Events

For delegates who are primarily presenting or engaging online, we have a number of face-to-face online interactive sessions. You can begin to sign up for these today to start receiving further information. The exact times for each session will be announced one week prior to the conference.

Join other delegates for a pre-conference welcome reception. We'll send you a package of digital treats, discuss this year's theme, and walk you through the CGScholar Event Microsite so you have a rich online experience.

Date / Time TBD

Talk with this year's Plenary Speakers in a live question and answer session.

Date / Time TBD

Talking Circles are a distinctive feature of our in-person conference, and this year we are taking them online. Talking Circles offer an opportunity to meet other delegates face-to-face, and engage in extended discussion about the issues and concerns they feel are of utmost importance to that segment of the Research Network. Participation is open, encouraged, and supported. In order to incorporate our international delegates, there will be two Talking Circles:

Europe, Africa, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia (Date / Time TBD)
South, Central, and North America (Date / Time TBD)

Meet with Kerry Dixon, Managing Editor of Books at Common Ground Research Networks. Kerry will be available in ten-minute appointments. Registered Delegates will receive a pre-conference email with details on signing up. We look forward to answering your questions about the book publishing process, and listening to your ideas and projects!

Date / Time TBD