Søren Ejlersen

Søren Ejlersen is a hardworking entrepreneur. In the last 24 years he has been in 100% organic focus, CoFounder of Aarstiderne,- the first mealboxcompagny known. Todday delivering 300.000 meals to the doorsteps of danish and Swedish households. The company influence the danish food scene and deliver ingredients and knowledge to hundreds canteens, restaurants, hospitals, school kitchens plus more.

Søren also Founded Haver til Maver,- a schoolgarden concept with gastronomy on the scheme. Søren likes to say that Wilderness and feeling of safety is of high importance to the life of children. This year at least 17.000 kids farm their own meals in Denmark.

Søren also founded Haver til Maver (Gardens to Bellies) - a culinary school garden programme to put food, health and sustainability back on the agenda in Danish schools. Søren likes to say that every day in the garden should bring out feelings of both amazement, magic, wonder and a sense of security, teamwork and belonging - both key values in life outside of school as well. Since it was founded in 2006, more than 50.000 students across the country have grown their own meals and participated in the program. Today, Haver til Maver is among the most recognized and well-documented outdoor learning programmes in Europe.

With BaneGaarden Søren and his partners in crime are creating a green lighthouse on an undiscovered piece of land in the middle of Copenhagen. In the the green wilderness nine wooden barns worthy of preservation ooze with stories. Once upon a time, they were DSB's storage warehouses for wood, but for the last 50 years, they have been left to decay.

A new journey has just begun. Søren and his partners are nourishig the barns carefully back to life. With BaneGaarden they create a gathering place for future thinking, skills and knowledge, solutions and actions. A hub with bees, chickens, open fermentation and kombucha workshops, kids in the kitchen, farmers market, talks, books, community building and much more. BaneGaarden is here to inspire, involve and interact with citizens, companies, experts and politicians.

Recently Søren CoFounded BaneGaarden to showcase “all the good things you does not see”. A huge city Hub with bees, chickens, fermentation, soil, compost, eco eateryes, farmshops.