Karen Wistoft

Karen Wistoft is professor at the Danish School of Education, Aarhus University, Copenhagen. Here research focuses on taste didactics; children and nature – especially school gardens and sea gardens; meals, cooking, tasting and well-being in School and Kindergartens. Her research is affiliated with the National Centre for School Research, as well as the Danish Academy of Home Economics Education and Western Norway University of Applied Science (HVL), Faculty of Education, Food and Natural Sciences in Bergen, Norway. Here research concerns an ongoing establishment of a new and highly innovative pedagogical and educational research environment dealing with students’ taste, food knowledge and skills, and well-being and learning – in both indoor and outdoor education. She samples empirically based evidence and develops new knowledge and theories regarding: a) taste experiences and competences as well as acquisition of taste knowledge and skills relevant to well-being; b) implementation of food knowledge and cooking experience in promoting well-being; and c) new taste didactics toward food education in a participatory and critical learning perspective. Karen’s list of publications (August 2020) includes 181 publications, and she has managed or supervised 54 research/PhD projects. Recent publications on taste didactics include: Nielsen, M. K., Dyg, P. M. & Wistoft, k. (2020): “Outdoor Taste Education: Danish Perspectives on Potentials and Challenges for Taste Education in School Gardens and Outdoor Education”. Food, Culture and Society. Vol. 23, No. 4, p. 523-541. Wistoft, K. & Qvortrup, L. (2018): When the kids conquered the kitchen: Danish Taste Education and the New Nordic Kitchen”. Gastronomica: The Journal of Critical Food Studies, Vol. 18, No. 4, p. 82-93. Wistoft, K. & Qvortrup, L. (2019): “Teaching Taste”. Illinois, USA: Common Ground Research Networks. Wistoft, K. & Qvortrup, L. (2020): “Seven Dimensions of Taste – Taste in a Sociological and Educational Perspective”. In: Galanakis, C. (ed.) Gastronomy and Food Science. Amsterdam: Elsevier.