2019 Special Focus—Culinary Science: A New Foodway?

Modern science based epistemologies have influenced social consuming behaviors. They have also shaped social aesthetics, beliefs and cultures. Nevertheless, food knowledges are often connected to land, hand-made crafts, family, or nationally inherited culinary histories and authenticities. Thus, there is a constant tension between science and tradition; “scientism” against nature, embodied in food products, processes and systems.

Do we need to resist “scientification” as if its “new”? Do science based approaches make us vulnerable to emerging food scares? Are science based foods symbols, like Frankenstein’s immoral creature, of our distance from authentic of food systems? Are science based epistemologies inherently oppositional to the agenda of food sovereignty?

Or are we always on a non-returnable path of “scientification”? If so can “science” symbolize positive pathways of social transformations: supporting human welfare, futures of convenience, hygienic and heathy living, environmental sustainability?

Do we need to consider a new way of thinking of food-sovereignty, that is not oppositional to science based epistemologies? Can “culinary science” be a conceptual vehicle to how the human avoids being enslaved by “science”, to further establish a science-governed sovereignty?

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