From Food To Flowers: The Push For Supply Chain Transparency

  • 2016-03-09
  • Tech Crunch

Try to figure out exactly where fresh products come from in a grocery store. The stickers may say “Mexico” or “Colombia,” but those are big places, and labels like this don’t give much insight. Research online; the information isn’t there. Try with a few other products, and you’re likely to find the same thing.

Companies are not always forthcoming about where their products are sourced, and when the curtain is pulled back, scandals — including poor-quality products and unsafe working conditions — often come to light.

Now, consumers are holding companies accountable, and expect sustainable and quality products to be delivered to their homes. Simplified and transparent supply chains appeal to consumers, and the farm-to-table movement is taking off, delivering fresh food and flowersdirect from farms.

This article will examine how product origins kept secret from customers can lead to dangerous working conditions and lower-quality products. Additionally, businesses that insist on supply chain transparency and encourage the farm-to-table movement will produce a better product in ethical working conditions.